Why Architecture-as-a-Service?


What is our Architecture-as-a-Service?

We offer various Architecture Services that all medium to large Architecture practices might need. We have separated out things that can be done remotely from the things that people need to do face-to-face, and only mainly offer the remote services. This is Architecture-as-a-Service.

Reasons it makes sense

Architecture-as-a-Service could be used in the following contexts for any one of these 12 good reasons:

Too busy 1. Architects are too busy

Architects too busy to create models and document your architecture sufficiently.

Modelling offering2. Not always experts in Visual Modelling

Typically, Architects are not always experts in visual modelling, we offer Modelling-as-a-Service.

Health check 3. Third Party health check

You want to have your enterprise architecture health checked by a 3rd party who does Enterprise Architecture all the time.

One on one mentoring 4. You want your Architects mentored in Modelling

You want your Architects mentored in Visual modeling while doing actual work.

Consultancy through workshop collaboration 5. Third party workshop facilitation

Third party elicited workshops to uncover valuable Architectural information and have a third party’s perspective.

SaaS cloud based toolsets 6. Cloud Based Architecture Tools

We offer cloud based SaaS Enterprise Architecture tools, if you need a quick solution.

Audit check 7. Auditers due – quick fix the Architecture!

The Auditors are due and you need your Architecture accurate for the audit / health check.

Work load peak 8. Workload Peak

You need to catch-up on Architecture work during a workload peak.

Tidy up the Architecture 9. Tidy up our Architecture

Your Architecture needs tidying up; written by technical people, often not ideal for the business people or maintenance & support.

head count 10. Avoid justifying extra head-count

Avoid justifying extra in-house headcount, especially for a short term engagement. An off balance sheet expense.

Remote Work 11. Remote working saves money

We work remotely (out of your office) so no Laptops, Desks and Phones to organise saving time and money. Far lower costs than for in-house staff.

Whiteboard models 12. Get Valuable Agile content into Repository

In an Agile world the models are white-boarded but often not captured into a tool for documentation.


If any of this resonates or makes sense to you and you’d like to take it further, please send us an on-line enquiry