Cloud Hosting services

SaaS Services we offer

We can offer your company a secure cloud based Enterprise Architecture Tool hosted a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. In fact we have a few to choose between and are planning to offer even more.


This means that within a very short space of time, you can have a cloud based Enterprise Architecture Application up and running running, without having to go through all the steps of acquiring servers, applications, doing the installations, the testing, the security hardening, on-going maintenance & support thereafter.

Taking you from 0 to 100% operational in short period, with a very reasonable monthly cost, and also only tied to a monthly contract (vendor dependent).

Of course if you are using our Consultancy services and our Modelling-as-a-Service services, then it facilitates easy and secure access for both parties.

Tool trial and usage Services

There are various tool trial services we offer, so please get in touch for more detail if this is of interest to you.

Tool related Consultancy services

  • EA Tool Meta-Model structuring – Once your SaaS solution is procured and switched on, we can also offer services to assist in setting up, configuring and structuring meta-models and training you on your Enterprise Architecture Tool Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Data & Model Migration – If you are moving into the Cloud from an existing toolset, then we can also assist you in the data migration process.