What is Modelling-as-a-Service?

Modelling-as-a-Service is one of the Architecture Services that we have proven can be done 100% remotely, particularly if taken in combination with the EA Tool SaaS solution. Whereby your Enterprise Architecture Tool is in the cloud, where both parties can easily and securely access it.

We take your presentations, whiteboard sketches and textual documents and do the architectural model diagramming. You get to review the results quickly and make changes if you feel they are required.

This way models can be done for and with your Architects while they get on with the more face-to-face work, and hand off the more detailed modelling to our company which specialises in this skillset.

Benefits are that it means less overhead and cost for you, as we do not need your companies resources to do our work. We have the tools, the computing resources, large screens, etc.

We offer a wide variety of model types and notations.

Our primary service is modelling, however we also have various other services.