EA SaaS – Dragon1 Tool


We offer a Cloud web-based Enterprise Architecture Tool and Repository called Dragon1. More information about the tool and its features can be found here Cloud (SaaS) Dragon1 Tool.

Ways of accessing the Value Added Cloud Service

AgileEA offer this as a value added service to our list of service offerings. It particularly makes sense if you want us to assist you with modelling, architecture information capture and any health checking from time to time.

There are three ways of seeing and using this service:

Full Cloud Trial Login

Please fill out an on-line enquiry to us for a time based (7 days) user name and password.

Once you have it emailed to you, then click the link to access AgileEA Cloud – Dragon1 Tool solution.

Cloud (SaaS) EA Tool Demonstration

Full Cloud Demonstration Evaluation – Please fill out an on-line enquiry to us for a video conference to demonstrate the functionality and talk to specific items you would like to be shown.

Your own Tool instance

Once procured, you will be given authorization to access your Dragon1 SaaS solution login.