Business Architecture Services



Business Architecture is both a new and an old concept. There seems to be a lot of debate about what it is, how it should be done. Confusion about the blurred lines between the roles and responsibilities of Business Analysts and Business Architects, etc. We have found very few companies are doing this well holistically, even though they may have had excellent Business Analysts around for years doing great work. Our services will evaluate your current position, offer a vision of where it could / should be, and then put steps in place to structure and drive out a strategy for implementing a great Business Architecture.

Business Architecture Practice improvement process

Business Architecture Services


Business Architecture Health Check services

Our services offer guidelines around what standards such as BizBOK, TOGAF, PEAF and other frameworks recommend a good Business Architecture should consist of, starting with an evaluation of what currently exists and give you a report / status check on where we believe things are less than ideal.

Business Architecture Strategy, Capability & Portfolio Roadmap service

Once the current Business Architecture position is known, we move in to the realm of what ought to exist in the business by working with the CxO, using the Strategy to Execution process with a Strategy definition, Capability definition, Gap definition and portfolio of Gap projects and of how to achieve this over time.

Bus Arch - Strategy To Execution Process Model

Structuring the Business Architecture Practice

We offer a service to take the existing Business Architecture and structure it according to the best of the various frameworks and publications on Business Architecture out there. This involves defining a rigorous business architecture meta-model, which everything will be structured around.

Business Architecture Capturing – Information gathering service

Often much useful information exists but it is just all over the place and not particularly well organised and easily located by those looking for it. It is also more often than not in people’s heads. Following the Principle of Enterprise information is owned by the enterprise over individuals, we can assist your team by capturing this information into the Business Architecture Repository.


Acknowledgement – From a paper by Accelare done in 2013